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Yukino Kasuga (春日雪乃) is Sister (Brother?) of the Fubukimaru when the black cloud snowstorm trapped. Round snowstorm had originally said was "kidnapped" by the power of the silver Misae and Hiroshi actually the same as your marbles had been transformed into. It is said that the "sister", was (brother of Round snowstorm that is) in fact male. Is thought that women themselves born with , it is round snowstorm was due to upbringing as a man. Men still like a love interest, has been dumped after Shinnosuke circle snowstorm "I am (even though the bride of Shinnosuke), but Kamawanu" You say, in turn, Oneisan of man "to Shinnosuke Yea had been refused with ". In the original comics would kill the magic by setting the Harisen dedicated, the knot hair (from Hiroshi and Shinnosuke was suspected because the circle snowstorm had been coming out with a man before that, however) has become women (younger sister) become a fan fan killed Ma. She appeared in Crayon Shin-chan: Unkokusai's Ambition.


  • He is cross-dresser, he was raised as a Girl.
  • Yukino's appearance is female (manga) and male (anime film)