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Yoshiji in the manga

Yoshiji Koyama

Yoshiji in the anime

Shin Chan - Out with Two Grandpas - English subs (Japanese version)

Shin Chan - Out with Two Grandpas - English subs (Japanese version)

Yoshiji Koyama (小山よし治), Waldo in the Vitello and Phuuz dubs, is Misae, Musae and Masae's father and Shin-chan and Himawari's maternal grandfather, Hiroshi Nohara's father-in-law, and Aunt Fusae's brother-in-law. He is 63 years old. As a retired teacher, he has much higher standards of public decorum than his son-in-law's father Ginnosuke. This uptight behavior of his sometimes becomes the subject of jokes for Shin-chan and a clash of style between him and Ginnosuke. In one episode, however, he found out that both Shin-chan and Ginnosuke liked him.

Although he is quite stubborn (a trait that passed to his daughters) and conservative, he is actually a caring person. He is also quite childish in some occasions and argues with his wife Hisae Koyama about very minor things, this often results in him and Ginnosuke "fleeing" to the Noharas, causing troubles to Misae. He likes his grandson but gets annoyed because of Shin-chan's attitude. It could be said that the only person he gets along well within the Nohara family is Himawari, whom he is very fond of. He appeared for the first time in episode 209a. He lives in Kumamoto, Kyushu. He previously also lived along his daughter Musae, but she left him when she decided to fulfill her dream to be a photographer. Aside from his wife and daughters, none of Yoshiji's relatives have made a major appearance in both anime and manga.



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