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Yohara family

The Yohara Family

The Yohara family is the opposite type family of the Nohara family.


Yohara and Nohara family cars

Nohara and Yohara family's cars

  • Mr Yohara
  • Ms Yohara
  • Yohara's unamed son
  • Yohara's unamed daughter
  • Yohara's unamed dog


Shinchan and Yohara's son

Shinchan and Yohara's son

Mr Nohara and Mr Yohara

Hiroshi Nohara and Mr Yohara

Himawari and Yohara's daughter

Himawari and Nohara's daughter

Shiro and Yohara's dog

Shiro and Yohara's dog

Ms Yohara and Ms Nohara

The families met when the Nohara family and the Yohara family both were going on a trip and both families had the same cars but the Yohara family's car was blue while the Nohara family's was green.

Similarities with Nohara family[]

The Yohara family has Mr Yohara who is like Hiroshi Nohara and Ms Yohara like Misae Nohara and two unnamed children in the Yohara family who look like Shinchan and Himawari. The Yohara family also has a better white dog which is fluffy like Shiro. At the end Hiroshi Nohara told that the Yohara family would live in their society.