Cheetah Kawamura

Yasuo Kawamura (Cheetah Kawamura) (河村 やすお Kawamura Yasuo) (5 years old) is a kid in the rose class who always wears a Cheetah-dot shirtand plays with his soccer ball. Kawamura-kun regularly plays a key role in Ume Matsuzaka's plots to upstage Midori Ishizaka. He's a bully at heart and has the physical ability to back it up. However, he has one major weakness, Action Mask. The mere mention of Action Mask causes him to stop dead in his tracks, take the Action Mask pose, and shout, "Action Mask!" Shin-chan has taken advantage of this weakness more than once to Tarzan boy's chagrin.

He has a fierce dislike of Shinnosuke and Kazama-kun and usually gets into shouting matches with the latter. He also loves to bully Masao. Even though he is confident in his athletic ability and acts as the Rose class' leader, he almost always loses to the Sunflower class by Shinnosuke's strange actions or because another student in Sunflower class rises to the occasion. He has formed a clique with classmates Hitoshi and Terunobu.


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