Crayon Shin-chan Wiki

These are the rules for regular users:

1. Asking for and offering download links containing unlicensed (= without permission copied) content will not be tolerated. The first time a warning will follow and the second time a permanent block of the account and also the option to creating a new account will be blocked.

2. Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions.

3. Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.

4. Off-topic conversations will be deleted. Off-topic advertising will be punished more severe.

5. Impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned.

6. Spamming, trolling or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned.

7. Ask for help. Notice something that doesn't seem right? Or do you just have a question? Contact Fandom staff through "Give feedback" on your app's Settings screen, or via and/or the talkpage of the admin/sysop.

8. Please do not put external links inside articles. If you want to add a source you can add it below the page under the title 'sources'.

9. It is not allowed to use re-direct links for external websites. If you want to link to for example YouTube than use the official adress starting with - breaking this rule for the first time will result in a ban of two weeks, breaking this rule for a second time after a warning will result in a permanent ban. It is of course allowed to link to an official Crayon Shinchan website which itself contains re-direct links, but it is not allowed to place a direct re-direct link.

10. Deleting content on the page Crayon Shin-chan in India will result in a permanent ban against the deleter. Adding a future air date about India without a valid source will result in a two week ban against the editor that added the air date without source.

11. When creating new pages please take a look at previously created pages to lay out the new page in the same style. Sometimes for airings outside of Japan the style of the episode can differ; we mainly use the original Japanese structure on the wiki, foreign structures can be mentioned in the trivia without too much details. Please try your best to write everything in correct English, a fellow user can correct your contributions when necessary. When posting information please mention the source when you use a different version than the original Japanese version because international versions can differ in for example character names, and foreign versions can also skip scenes and entire episodes, and foreign versions can also edit the picture making a scene look entirely different.

12. When posting English episode titles please post official English translations as far as possible. For example from subtitled airings on the Hawaiian KIKU TV or websites from the Japanese television channel TV Asahi. Please do not post episode titles from the English Funimation dub as an official translation of the original Japanese version.

13. When posting page comments or forum replies please post these in English.

14. Creating a new account is allowed when forgetting the password. But please do not place redirect links on a profile page.

15. When posting screenshots please make sure these are in the aspect ratio from the original airings in Japan meaning unstretched. Please make sure the uploaded images are not (semi) identical to images previously uploaded. Preferably photographed from the original Japanese DVDs in the highest possible quality and preferably with as little nudity as possible. The admin can delete images if deemed necessary. When posting screenshots to an episode gallery if you source a censored version make sure you do not put censored screenshots in the main gallery of the episode page; comparisons between the uncut and censored versions can be put lower in the article. Please keep the amount of moving images (GIFs etc.) on the wiki as low as possible. The maximum amount of screenshots on a wiki page for an episode is 21 (= 7 per segment) while the maximum amount of screenshots on a wiki page for a movie is 30. If you see a gallery that is protected that probably means the maximum of images for the wiki gallery has been reached. For a subject that is not an episode/movie/special the maximum depends on how many images is needed to explain a subject, the admin can decide when a subject has enough images.

16. In 2018 the website Wikia was acquired by Wikipedia and in 2019 the name Wikia was re-named into Fandom. This means this website is not a defenitive alternative for Wikipedia, if this means you want to unsubscribe from Fandom you can click here.

17. The average age rating is all ages with additional notes including animated nudity, animated violence and mature language of which the content can also be discussed within the wiki and the forum. Please do not complain about the content on this wiki. Please do not complain about the content in the series. You are allowed to express your opinion.

18. When uploading files always use English filenames.

19. If the age of a character changes please mention in which episode this happened.

20. The official language used on the wiki is American US English. Writing in alternative English is possible, but do remember that other users can correct it to US English. Please try to write in correct English as much as possible.

21. Please do not upload images of unrelated properties which the right holders do not want their properties shared without permission, for example as profile picture.

22. Do not create articles to which you add no content, content has to be part of the page in order to create the article. Empty article pages can be deleted.

23. Interacting on the wiki platform is not meant to be solely used as a chat function for people who do not contribute to the platform. Offtopic conversation can be fine, personal chatting can be fine - as long as you also contribute on-topic to the wiki and/or talk on-topic in the forum. Accounts can be suspended when this rule is not adhered to. Inactivity while having a contribution history can however be an exception.

24. Independent pages for external characters are not allowed. Crossovers that happen within the story lines of Crayon Shinchan only have to be mentioned on the pages of the episodes in which they occurred.

25. Only edits of importance are mentioned in the 'edits' section of episode pages. Small edits, like cuts of only one second (to for example match the mouth flaps with translated text), are ignored in the wiki registration.

The rules do not apply to admins.

Additionally: it is currently allowed in the forum to 'rickroll'. The phenomenon 'rickrolling' is when a user uses an existing topic to prank someone into believing a video clip (for example a trailer) or illegally uploaded (new) episode/movie (for example in the Indian language) is seen when clicking the link. One rule is that the video is shown on YouTube, second rule is that no external re-links (usually meant for shortening the link) are used, third rule is that the video has to come from an official source, fourth rule is that the video cannot contain advertising. It is recommended to not prank too much to keep the surprise alive. Topics asking for illegal uploads will of course be deleted, so only people who are fast in posting a prank link will be able to prank in this case. To place a prank link without preview you can click on the 'trash can' icon before posting the message.