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Wakabayashi (若林) goes to the Rose Class in the Futaba Kindergarten. He appeared in the 5th Volume of the manga series, in a story that was featured in the episode 43b (サッカー大会だゾ) of the anime.

In that story, there is a football match between the Sunflower class and the Rose class. Wakabayashi is presented as the expert goalkeeper for the Rose class. He is nicknamed as 'Iron Wall' (鉄の壁, tetsu no kabe), but Shinnosuke calls him 'Ass Wall' (ケツの壁, ketsu no kabe).

The result of the match differs from the anime and manga episode. In the anime, the Sunflower class is able to win in the penalty shootout, with Wakabayashi being beaten by Shin-chan twice, whereas in the manga is one of the very few occasions that the Rose Class manages to defeat the Sunflowers.

This character is based on Genzo Wakabayashi (若林 源三), one of the protagonists of the Captain Tsubasa anime and manga series (キャプテン翼).