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Yoshito Usui no Motto

Cover of Usui Yoshito no Motto: Hiraki Naotchau zo!

Usui Yoshito no Motto: Hiraki Naotchau zo! (Let's see more of Yoshito Usui!, 臼井儀人のもっと ひらきなおっちゃうぞ!) is a tankobon volume issued on July 11th, 1993. It contains several works from Yoshito Usui published in the previous years and compiled together. This book was probably issued trying to catch audience thanks to Crayon Shin-chan's success in its first years.


The book has 4 different works, published 1989-1993 in several magazines.

  • Hiraki Naotchau zo! (ひらきなおっちゃうぞ!), published in manga magazine Manga Life ( まんがライフバラエティ) between June 1991 and January. It was individally published in a separated tankokon in March 1993, and the remaining strips were included in this book. It depicts an absurd everytday of unspecific characters, such as an hospital teacher, a rich lady, a salaryman...
  • Buchikama Theater (ぶちかまシアター), published in Nikkan Sports (日刊スポーツ) between October 1990 and February 1993. Another set of mainly unrelated and one-time characters in concise and adult themed jokes. Some characters appear in several stories which make the most part of the book, such as an old and perverted grandfather that lives with his son's daughter-in-law, and a female wrester named Yamada (レスラーマッド山田).
  • Let's play sports!! (スポーツするか!!), published in Together with SUMO! (いっしょにSUMO!) between December 1991 and March 1992. Series with jokes around sumo wrestlers, based on two of the most popular wrestlers at that time, Takanohana (貴乃花光司) and Wakanohana (花田虎上).
  • Ogino Budokan (おぎの武道館), published in Pocky Kun Special Issue (ポッキーくん増刊) between July and September 1989. Depicts the daily life of the director of a Japanese Martial Arts gymn, his wife and son.

All the works are compilations of one-page stories, often more adult and harsh than the most known characters of Yoshito Usui. Except the last one, the remaning three were published in strips following the yonkoma format.