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Tsuu (ツウ) is a character that first appeared in the anime episode, 銀河の危機をお救いするゾ (English: Save The Galactic Crisis Zo!), followed by her bigger debut in Crayon Shin-chan: Achoo In Space?! Obakarate Of Friendship!!. She is the youngest of three sisters with Keito and Pan.


Tsuu is a small, fair-skinned girl with yellow hair with large pigtails. She has an orange dress with white buttons and a black scarf. Her green pants are the same as her sisters, and she wears black leggings with white shoes.


She is a strict, firm girl with strong leadership despite her young age. She also seems to have a short temper, and a somewhat mature persona.


During the events of Crayon Shin-chan: Space DE Achoo?! Obakarate Of Friendship, she was the flagship behind the kidnapping of Shinnosuke's friends and the guarding of the Power Spots and was stationed on TV Star. When Shinnosuke arrived there, they had a confrontation that also involved a game show. After her defeat, she was seen with her sisters piloting the Karate Robo after Shinnosuke saved his friends. After their first battle against Kantam Robo, she was seen again during a rematch. Afterwards, she was with her sisters prior to the battle against Shinano, and she and the girls helped Kasukabe return to earth.

In the anime, she made one appearance in the episode 銀河の危機をお救いするゾ (English: Save The Galactic Crisis Zo!), whom was seen piloting a ship that transformed into a mecha with her sisters when they suspected that Shinnosuke and co. kidnapped their father Shihan. After a battle, they introduced themselves and apologized about the mess. They then took off with their karate master father.