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Tsubaki(つばき) is a mysterious girl living in Justice City. She appeared in Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Kasukabe Boys of the Evening Sun. She looks like a Japanese girl from around the 1960s to 70s and is roughly 14 years old. She has a neat, polite, discreet, and lovely personality. She was reportedly taken in by Governor Justice and has been serving him, while also gently aiding Shinnosuke. As time passes, Shinnosuke is drawn to Tsubaki's kindness.

Interestingly, she isn't a person who came from Kasukabe and ended up in the film; rather, she is a character within the movie. Because of this, Shinnosuke couldn't fulfill the promise he made in the movie's ending scene to return to Kasukabe with her. Shinnosuke couldn't break the emotional barrier between them until the very end when he was reaffirmed by all of his loved ones.

Shinnosuke's preference for adult women like Nanako makes his infatuation with Tsubaki, a girl younger than high school age, unusual. Shinnosuke also typically falls in love at first sight based on appearance, but his feelings for Tsubaki developed differently.