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Toru Kazama (風間 徹 Tōru Kazama) (5 years old), Georgie in the English Funimation dub and Cosmo in the Vitello, Phuuz and Dutch dubs, is Shinchan's immaculately groomed friend and classmate from the sunflower class, who usually loses his mind when Shinnosuke teases him and other things. He also bickers with Shinchan. Even though Kazama always denied when Shin says that he is his best friend, his best friend is Shinchan too. Of all Shin's friends, he's the only one referred to by his family name (Kazama-kun). Only his mother and father use his given name (Tōru-chan).

He is active in 'juku' (cram school; intensive after school classes) and English cram school. He often acts like a know-it-all (despite otherwise), which makes him look somewhat snobbish. Juku takes precedence over play for Kazama-kun. He has an affection for anime and manga girls especially magical girls such as Magical Girl Moe-P, he has a crush on many girls like Ai, Midori, Hanako and Torma and he fell madly in love with Ai and asked if she will marry him after which he is tightly slapped by Ai which he tries to hide from his friends. He also has a strong attachment to his mother. His father lives abroad. A recurring theme in the show is that he tries to hang out with upper class kids his age to be a part of the "elite", but runs across Shinchan being weird with him which ultimately causes them to lose interest in hanging out with him. His strengths are English, calligraphy, sports (football and baseball) and math. He is a member of the Kasukabe Defense Organization. It is hinted that Kazama might marry Himawari in the future.


Kazama kun

In the manga, he has styled black hair with a tuft near his left eyebrow. In the anime, he has similarly styled hair, but in a dark blue tone. His clothes consist of a sky blue long-sleeve or t-shirt with a white collar, white socks, black shoes and orange shorts.


He participates in extracurricular activities like attending Max Akaishi's English Cram School and always seems to know everything about any subject (even if it's not true), which makes him look somewhat snobbish. He likes all manner of female animation and comic book characters, though he tries to hide that fact from his friends. He also has a strong attachment to his mother that hints at him having an Oedipus Complex. A recurring theme in the show is that he tries to hang out with upper class girls his age to be a part of the "elite", but runs across Shinchan while he is in the midst of doing something strange and classless which ultimately causes the girl to lose interest in hanging out with him. There are also times when Kazama also enjoys being blown in the ear or at the very least shows an unpleasant reaction to it.


Shinnosuke (best friend)[]

Shinchan y Kazama

Kazama usually loses his mind when Shinchan teases him and other things. He also bickers and fight with words with Shinchan sometimes. Despite this, their friendship is actually pretty close compared to his relationship with any of his other friends. Strong evidence for this is that when Kazama was extremely frustrated and lonely in several episodes, Shinnosuke was his faithful companion. Even though Kazama always denies it when Shinchan says that he is his best friend, Shinchan remains Kazama's best friend as well. Proof of his friendship with Shinchan is in the movie My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack!, when Shinchan is about to move away from Kasukabe, Kazama was not seen with others waving goodbye. He ran to the bridge where the train passes and tries to chase it with tears in his eyes shouting Shinchan's name before falling onto the ground. Kazama and Shinchan did kiss in some episodes (about 6 times). For instance, in one episode when Kazama's dad returns from traveling, Shinchan kisses him in a friendly manner at the end.

Masao (best friend)[]

Another best friend of his. Whenever Masao cried because of Shinchan, Nene or other things, Kazama always comforted Masao and stopped him from crying. Kazama also helps him.


Kazama and Himawari have many attempted flirts in the show since she was born, especially from Shinchan who always teases both of them together although he firmly said to Kazama that his parents and him and even Shiro won't agree to their marriage when he saw their affectionate actions to each other. When these two hold hands, they blush. A few episodes are focused on them. It is shown that they have feelings for each other. It is also hinted that Kazama and Himawari might get married in the future. They are one of the main flirts of the show.

Voice actors[]

  • Japanese: Mari Mashiba
  • English (Vitello): Grey DeLisle
  • English (Phuuz): Hope Levy
  • English (Funimation): Brina Palencia
  • French (LUK): Delphine Chauvier
  • Dutch: Lottie Hellingman (26 episodes), Angélique de Boer (104 episodes)
  • Hindi: Parul Bhatnagar
  • Portuguese (European, Vitello/Phuuz): Luís Barros
  • Portuguese (European, LUK): Luís Barros (2004 - 2006) → Mário Bomba (2005, movie 2 only) → Rita Brito (2009 - Present) → Solange Santos (2009, temporarily) → Micaela Ferreira (2010, movie 15 only)
  • Spanish (European): Estívaliz Lizárraga
  • Indonesian: Widiyanto Utomo
  • Tamil (Indian dub): Sathya Dhanraj (2008-Present)


  • In Japan names are pronounced with the last name first, making Toru's Japanese name Kazama Toru. In the storyline Toru is regularly called 'Kazama' as a sort of nickname.
  • The Japanese word 'chan' (which means 'little' as in child) is usually used to address persons in addition to their first name. For this reason Toru could be regularly called 'Toru-chan', but his friends prefer to call him by the adult male form of the word which could be 'Toru-kun' but he is instead by them called 'Kazama-kun' using his last name instead of his first name.

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