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Tokyo (東京都 Tōkyōto, Tokyo Metropolitan area) is the capital city of Japan (日本 Nihon, or 日本 Nippon). It has a population of more than 13 million people, and the seat of the Japanese Emperor and the Japanese government are located there. It lays in the Kanto region (関東地方 Kantō chihō), in the South-eastern part of Japan's biggest islands, Honshu (本州 Honshū).

Its metropolitan area, known as Greater Tokyo Area (首都圏 Shutoken), is the biggest agglomeration in the world, and includes, between others, the whole prefecture of Saitama (さいたま), where Kasukabe (春日部 Kasukabe), hometown of Shin-chan (しんちゃん) and main location of the Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん Kureyonshinchan) series, lays.

Although being part of a continuous mega-city, Shinnosuke Nohara (野原 - しんのすけ) and his family often refer to Tokyo as a completely different city, and traveling there is considered a trip by them. Kasukabe and Tokyo are separated by no more than 60 km, so a it is possible to make a day trip between them.

Shinnosuke (しんのすけ) and his friends consider themselves to be village-people, whereas people from Tokyo are considered city-people. That's why, when going there, they feel amazed by all the services and shops that don't exist in Kasukabe, such as gaming saloons or big commercial streets.

On the other hand, Shin-chan has been selected as one of the ambassadors for the 2020 Olympic Games that will take place in Tokyo. Besides from appearing in propagandistic events, merchandising from Crayon Shin-chan is available in the official store of the Olympic Games.


Tokyo has appeared several times in the series and the movies. Different representative buildings or monuments can be seen featured in the series.

One of the first appearances takes place in episode 58c (じいちゃんと東京見物だゾ Jīchan to tōkyōkenbutsu dazo), where Shin-chan and his paternal grandparents, Ginnosuke and Tsuru make a day trip to the city. There, they visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (東京都庁舎 Tōkyōtochōsha), in the Shinjuku neighbourhood (新宿界隈 Shinjuku kaiwai). From there, they could stare the whole Tokyo landscape. In the same episode, Tsuru takes the most known touristic bus of the city, Hato Bus, and the Tokyo Tower (東京タワー Tōkyō tawā) can be seen in the background.

In 101a (東京ドームへ行くゾ Tōkyō dōmu e iku zo) the Nohara family goes to the Tokyo Dome (東京ドーム Tōkyō dōmu), a stadium located in central Tokyo, to watch a baseball match between the Yomiuri Giants (one of the teams of Tokyo city) and the Hanshin Tigers.

The Noharas also go to Tokyo in 793a (スカイツリーでキメるゾ Sukaitsurī de kimeru zo) to visit the Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー Tōkyō sukaitsurī), the second tallest structure in the world, that was inaugurated in 2013.