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Tokuro in the anime


Tokuro in the manga

Tokuro Gyoda (行田徳郎) is 26 year old, he was Ume's boyfriend and traumatologist. He's also obsessed with bones and is doctor at the Santa Barbara Clinic in Kasukabe.

He met Ume after she broke her leg while drunk, after this they both started to develop a love relationship and eventually became a couple.

His fondness for bones is a reason for fights with Matsuzaka, leading to a great fight after which he accepts a job to go to South Africa to dig up and study fossils of dinosaurs because of a fossil that was found there. He proposes marriage to Matsuzaka and to go to Africa together. Matsuzaka does not want to leave Japan. Finally they decide to wait while only he goes to Africa.

Tokuro temporarily returns to Japan in manga volumes 45 and 46, where he resumed his romance with Ume. Finally, in volume 47 he returns to Africa. There, he died in a terrorist attack at the hotel where he was staying. This only happened in the manga (chapter 47).


  • His name is after Gyoda, Saitama
  • His hair is light brown in the anime and black in the manga.