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Tamiko is undepicted

Tamiko Kaneari (金有タミコ) is Shinnosuke's fiancée from the future in the 2010 movie. She is the titular deuteragonist in Super-Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride.

She lives in Neo-Tokyo, where adult Shinnosuke was taken prisoner by Tamiko's father, Masuzo Kaneari and turned into a statue. She travels to the past to bring five-year old Shinnosuke to the future to free his adult self.

Her father is the evil owner of Kaneari Organic Electronics, a company that supplies energy to the city of Neo-Tokyo. However, Tamiko never wanted to take part in the company as she is aware of the tactics of her father to abuse the population and eliminate their competitors.

She was about to marry Toru Kazama to prevent her father from killing Shinnosuke, as part of a deal to save her real love. However, 5-year old Shinnosuke defeats Masuzo and the wedding is interrupted. After that, she continues her relationship with the adult Shinnosuke. At the end of the movie, she told younger Shinchan that she wishes that Shinchan will be a better person than the future Shinchan.