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Kawagoshi Family

Super Shufu Tsukimi-san (Super Housewife Tsukimi, スーパー主婦月美さん) is the second most important work of Yoshito Usui after Crayon Shin-chan. It was published in Manga Life magazine and six tankobon volumes were published between 1993 and 2001.

The story is focused around Tsukimi Kawagoshi (川越月美), a housewife whose character and attitudes are similar to the Shin Chan's. As other Usui's works, it was published following the yonkoma format, with each short story consisting of four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom. The jokes are themed around the daily life of Tsukimi, her relation with her husband Hideo (川越日出男) and her daughters Hoshimi (星見) and Asami (麻美).

Tsukimi usually embarrases her daughters and husband, such as making her miss the bus to kindergarten, playing jokes on them, or mistaking a random stranger for a mafia guy. According to Marc Bernabé, Tsukimi would be a mix of Misae and Shinnosuke, and the Kawagoshi family would ressemble Usui's in the early 90's. It would be a more biographical work than Crayon Shin-chan.