Special 18

Special 18 of the Crayon Shin-chan anime aired in Japan on October 10, 1997. It featured a parody of Star Wars. In the English Funimation dub it was known as Shin Wars.


  • クレヨンウォーズ (Crayon Wars)
  • テレビドラマのロケ隊が来たゾ (The TV-Drama Location Scouts are Coming)
  • パフィーも出るの?ひまわりのかぐや姫だゾ (Will Puffy Come Out? Himawari as Princess Kaguya)
  • 母ちゃんにシラガ発見だゾ (Mama's Gray Hairs)
  • クレヨンウォーズ2 (Crayon Wars 2)
  • ミッチーヨシリンの引越しだゾ (Micchi and Yoshirin Move In)
  • 友情のリレーだゾ (The Relay of Friendship)
  • クレヨンウォーズ3 (Crayon Wars 3)
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