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Shiwayose Main Characters

Main characters of the series. Seeko and Miki (top row), Tatsue and Yukata (bottom row)

Shiwayose Haken Gaisha K.K. (しわよせ人材派遣(株)) is a manga written by Yoshito Usui, first published in 1993 by Tokuma Shoten Ltd (徳間書店) and later re-published in 2002 by Bunkasha (ぶんか社). It consists of a single volume written using the 4-cartoon style.

The story is about Shiwayose Jinzai inc., a recruiting company that hires workers for other companies. The main characters of the work are the director of the company, and three girls that jump from job to job throughout all the book. None of the three girls is able to keep her job for more than a few pages.

  • Miki Ōmori (大森みき) is the director of Shiwayose Jinzai inc. She inherited the company from their rich parents, and since then has led the company firmly. She doesn't treat their workers too good, and acts powerfully and strictly. She has meetings with customers to get new jobs for her company.
  • Yukata Take (竹ゆかた) speaks seven languages, including the Tsugaru dialect of Japanese. She is really pretty and often suffers of sexual harassment by customers. During the book, she works as air hostess, window washer, ad-woman, bus hostess...
  • Seeko Matsuda (松田せえこ) is a computer programmer. She is the most intelligent between the girls. She has workes as a child caretaker, IT speciallist, dog walker...
  • Tatsue Umemiya (梅宮たつえ) has no speciality, and has mainly worked as hair dresser, senior nurse and dangerous goods handling manager. She is the more ignorant and clumsy between the main characters. She works as maid for a mafia boss, but she doesn't recognize him.

The second part of the book compiles the series Tomogi Animal Park (ともぐい動物公園), published in the Giga Comics (コミックGiga) magazine between 1990 and 1991. It consists of 4-cartoon strips where the main characters are the animals in the Tomogi Park. Monkeys, elephands, panda bears... all of them appear in strips full of adult jokes and violence.