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Shinchan Theme, also known as Hey Hey Shinchan, is the opening song in the Vitello and Phuuz dub of the Crayon Shinchan series. It was first aired in 2002 on the British channel of Fox Kids.


The opening was produced by Rave Music for the cooperation with Vitello Productions and Lacey Entertainment, it was also later used in the dub by Phuuz Entertainment.


It was composed and written in the United States by John Loeffler and John Siegler, both who are also known for producing music for the American/international version of the Pokémon animated series. Their music and localized translated versions of the lyrics were used for many international airings including Europe and South America. The international English version was sung by Jason Paige.

Dubbing lead singers:

  • Germany (English): Bro'Sis
  • Denmark (Danish): Jan Tellefsen
  • Netherlands/Belgium (Dutch): Ted Koninkx
  • France (French): Jean-Marc Anthony Kabeya
  • Poland (Polish): Łukasz Zagrobelny
  • Brazil (Portuguese): Fernando Janson
  • Portugal (Portuguese): Rui de Sá
  • Latin America (Spanish): Nicolas Silvá

Album releases

In 2003 the theme song was re-recorded in a remix by the German band Bro'Sis for the television airings on the German channel RTL II which was released in 2004 on the CD album RTL Anime Hits 3 as a surprise bonus track. In 2003 the Dutch version of the original song (which was adapted to the Dutch language by Niki Romijn) was released on the CD album Fox Kids Hits 7.


Dubbed media

Fan Media


  • While for the original English languaged opening the returning slogan was "Say Hey Hey", this was changed for other languaged dubbings into "Hey Hey Hey".