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During the day

The Sea Side Hotel (シーサイドホテル Shīsaido-hoteru, or ザ シー サイド ホテル Zashīsaido-hoteru) is the hotel where the Nohara family stayed on their vacation in episode 13. They went to the beach on their vacation.


  • Entrance (入口 Iriguchi): it is a large room with a fountain, several palm trees and three stairs.
  • Reception (受付 Uketsuke) : located in the entrance.
  • Room of the Nohara family (野原一家の部屋 Nohara-ikka no heya): large room with two beds, a small living room and a sea view.
  • Dining room (ダイニングルーム Dainingu-rūmu): large room, was where Shinchan ordered the great ice cream.


  • Receptionist (受付係 Uketsuke-gakari): helped the Noharas at the hotel.
  • Bellboy (ベルボーイ Berubōi): took Shin-chan and the luggage to their room.
  • Waiter (ウェイター U~eitā): served dinner to the Noharas.