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Saitama Crimson Scorpions

Saitama Crimson Scorpions (埼玉紅さそり隊 Saitama kurenai sasori-tai), Kahzu Kamakazes Gang in the Vitello, Phuuz and Dutch dubs, and Saitama Crimson Squad in the English LUK Internacional dub, is a gang of high school girls who often run into Shinnosuke, with hilarious consequences. Supposedly their gang rivals other girl gangs, such as the Osaka Motoyoshi Corps and Showa-machi Black Lizard. Shin-chan himself mistakes them to be an group of aspiring comedians.

They always try to avoid Shinchan since Shinchan ruins their "missions" because of how childish and annoying he is. They do have some friendly moments with Shinchan in the anime though, one of which includes them playing games with Shinchan in a mini tunnel of a park while it is raining outside. They are trapped there since it's raining and so they have to stay together for that time.