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SHIN-MEN (シン-メン)is a spin-off of Crayon Shin-chan. The spin-off is set in a parallel world known as Shin Jigen (Shin Dimension). The anime launched with a one-hour special on November 26, 2010 at 7:00 p.m in Japan. After that, one new episode aired monthly in Crayon Shin-chan's usual time slot of 7:30 p.m. on Fridays. It is Crayon Shin-chan's take on the five person tokusatsu programs like the Super Sentai Series. The manga series lanched in the December issue of Futabasha's Monthly Manga Town magazine on November 5, 2010.

The titular Shin-men team is composed of five heroes with supernatural powers symbolized by fire (Gou), water (Sui), wind (Hyuu), greenery (Nyoki), and iron (Kan). Together, they fight against their enemy, the evil pigs of TON-MEN (lookalikes of Buriburizaemon).


Fire SHIN-MEN Gou (ファイヤーSHIN-MEN ゴゥ Faiyaa SHIN-MEN Gou)[]

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This character's personality is closest to the "real world" Shin-Chan. He thinks crime fighting is boring and is lazy in general, but when a young lady is involved, he will fight with all of his heart as well as do mundane tasks with speed and efficiency in order to impress her. As his name implies, he commands the element of fire.

Wind SHIN-MEN Hyuu (ウィンドSHIN-MEN ヒュー Uindo SHIN-MEN Hyuu)[]

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Probably the most heroic of the SHIN-MEN and the leader of the group. He's a stand-up, no nonsense boy who commands the power of wind. This allows him free flight. He's in love with Iron Can.

Iron SHIN-MEN Can (アイアンSHIN-MEN カン Aian SHIN-MEN Kan)[]

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Another heroic SHIN-MEN whose iron body can configure itself into different vehicles. She chooses toughness over finesse and therefore usually rushes into a situation without thinking. She's the only girl in the group, and has two identical sisters. She's in love with Wind Hyuu.

Water SHIN-MEN Sui (ウォーターSHIN-MEN スィ Uootaa SHIN-MEN Sui)[]

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This member is a bit of a joker and has an eye for the ladies like Gou, but doesn't use them as an ulterior motive for fighting. He can use and control water as a weapon as long as he is hydrated. When he doesn't get enough water, he shrinks down.

Plant SHIN-MEN Nyoki (プラントSHIN-MEN ニョキ)[]

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This member can use and spawn plants in battle, but like Sui, his powers are dependent upon water. A lack of water causes him to shrivel up and become ineffectual.

Piroshi (ピロシ Piroshi)[]

This reality's iteration of Hiroshi except that he's a single man and owner of a ramen shop. He takes care of Gou, however, because he is too lazy to take care of himself.


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