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The King

Paradise King (パラダイスキング, Paradaisu Kingu) is the main antagonist in Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called The Jungle. He is the king of an uninhabited island covered in jungle and home to numerous white-handed gibbons, located near the Philippines or the Caroline Islands. He is distinguished by his purple afro and unique fashion sense, earning him the nickname "Explosion Head" from Shinnosuke.

Originally an ordinary Japanese man, he left Japan for a peaceful life and arrived on the deserted island, where he was attacked by the resident monkeys. After a fierce battle, he emerged victorious, becoming the "king" of the monkeys and establishing his own kingdom. His body bears the scars from this fight, and he has converted a large, stranded, derelict cargo ship into his fortress.

Desiring human slaves because of the limitations of monkeys, he commands the monkeys to attack a luxury cruise ship, and he confronts Action Kamen, played by Gōtarō, to demonstrate his power. His combat skills are nearly superhuman, honed by surviving in the wild, allowing him to initially overpower Action Kamen with his no-holds-barred tactics. However, with encouragement from Shinnosuke and many adults, Action Kamen launches a fierce counterattack, temporarily turning the tables. Eventually, Shinnosuke frees the captive monkeys, forcing the antagonist to flee his collapsing kingdom.

Seeking revenge, he chases Shinnosuke and friends on a helicopter, humming "Ride of the Valkyries" and throws dynamite at their ship. A fierce aerial battle ensues with Action Kamen and Shinnosuke, who is equipped with a jetpack. In the chaos, Shinnosuke stuffs dynamite into his afro, leaving him confused, and then delivers a finishing blow, causing him to pass out. He is saved from his about-to-explode helicopter by Shinnosuke and Action Kamen, and lands in the ship's pool. Surrounded by other passengers, he finally surrenders. His prized afro is ruined and he gets arrested by the police.


He wears a green shirt with a very long and exaggerated collar, and he has a few scars on his face. He also has goggles beneath his purple fuzzy hair, which even Shin chan plays with, much to Paradise King's annoyance. He often sports a nasty grin and is frequently seen holding a cigarette.

Fighting Skills[]

He has impressive martial arts skills and even put up a tough fight against Action Kamen. During battles, he sometimes goes crazy, making reckless but dangerous moves while laughing. He gains an advantage by fighting like a monkey, using bamboo trees or other trees to aid him. He hates losing and always comes back with outlandish schemes.