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Pan (パン) is a character that appeared in the anime and first appeared in the episode 銀河の危機をお救いするゾ (English: Save The Galactic Crisis Zo!), followed by her proper debut in Crayon Shin-chan: Achoo In Space?! Obakarate Of Friendship!! She is the middle sister of the trio of Keito and Tsuu.


Pan is a tall woman with blue hair with an unusually large bun sporting pink glasses that look exactly like the glasses she created to kidnap the Kasukabe Defence Force. She wears a white labcoat with a blue crop-top shirt and a black bandanna. On the back of her labcoat is a logo resembling the robot used in the episode of the anime mentioned above. She also wears black gloves with blue stripes. She also wears the green pants that are identical to those of her sisters, and sports long, white socks with blue lines that resemble her gloves along with white shoes that she also wears with her sisters.


She is smart, prideful and brave scientist who also a tsundere, meaning that she can act moody at times, but also has a much nicer demeaner to others. She loves to build all types of robots, mecha and other gadgets.


Pan is one of the three sisters who have kidnapped the Kasukabe Defence Force (Masao, Nene, Bo and Kazama) who has created the Nose Glasses to accomplish the goal. She was stationed on Chemistry Star in hopes of finding a Power Spot there. When Shinnosuke arrived, she and him had a banter, followed by a large robot with particual glasses and nose approaching. She teleports away to the machine and begins her race to the Power Spot in attempts to eliminate Shinnosuke and co. She makes it there at the cost of her robot crashing. After reaching the Power Spot in the form of a machine, Shinnosuke comes in. Suddenly, the robot gains sentience and ambusher Pan. After Shinnosuke defeats the robot, Pan is awake and somewhat glad for Shinnosuke's brave act. Afterwards, she offscreen rebuild the robot into a proper fighting machine dubbed KarateRobo. After two confontation between her robot and Kantam Robo on earth and Karate Star, she was seen with her sisters prior to the battle against Shinano and helped send Kasukabe back to earth with the help of her sisters.

In the episode 銀河の危機をお救いするゾ, Pan is seen with Keito and Tsuu in their ships when Shihan and Shin's crew were training, mistaken that the team kidnapped their father. The ships of the trio then combine into a mecha, only to have them defeated. After the fight, she is seen being introduced to Shinnosuke's friends by Keito, They then depart with their father.