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Omega Ranran Shin Chan Serious Battle Robot Dad Strikes Back 00

Omega Ranran (小女鹿蘭々) is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Dr. Ganma) from Crayon Shin-chan: Intense Battle! Robo Dad Strikes Back.

She is a henchwoman working for the villainous Association Of Fathers group. They are led by a man who is disappointed by the lenience of modern day fathers; he wants them to act in a much more dominant way and be seen as the heads of the household, with their wives and children completely subservient to them. The group’s ultimate goal is to kidnap fathers and place their memories inside robotic replacements with much more dominant personalities. They also want to make some money by selling the robots to households around the country.

Ranran is seen in various different outfits throughout the movie, with characters who had seen her before being taken in by her new attire and not recognising her. Her many disguises include a short skirted salon outfit, a business suit and denim shorts and boots when she pretends to be giving out prizes. Her main outfit, when she isn’t disguising herself, is a sleeveless mini dress and high heels.