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Oiroke is an female agent of the SML was only wearing a suit of ultra-thin body as code names. Shinnosuke chest shakes odious sister says just a little work a preeminent style. Steal the disk that contains the password to launch a secret weapon from pig hooves headquarters early in the story, many had fled to the houseboat was riding surface of the kindergarten. Are arrested every houseboat in pig hooves airship Since then, it has followed the trail of her, they caught us with Shinnosuke was delayed but escaped. Disk forced for tortured humiliating it is to show force for a long time the video itself has been arrested again, but misses us Shinnosuke was then synthesized in the body of the animal's face, and finally was taken hostage us Shinnosuke had passed to the mouse. After you join with us is defeated Hiroshi muscle and mom in the martial arts with a frying pan with the challenge to fight mom, husband and wife once trained in a fight to protect the Big Bag and Dr. Shinnosuke. Segi has a son called the mother of a child. But a master of martial arts, gunfire (which is to use a gun stolen from the general members in the airship once pig hooves) dislike because it considered "vulgar" gun. Type will do fine "degree of M" "self-proclaimed". It is said that "type lay on the ass a man" from Shinnosuke is positive. Ex-wife actually muscle. They are taken a type of Dr. Big Bag ass instead of deleting them as computer viruses. In the initial setting screen costume was wearing a midriff-baring Hairegu.

She appeared in Crayon Shin-chan: Blitzkrieg! Pig's Hoof's Secret Mission.

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