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Mysterious Magical Girl Mari-chan (ふしぎ魔女っ子マリーちゃん Fushigi Majokko Marī-chan), or Mary, the Mysterious Magician in the LUK Internacional dub, is a magical girl parody tokusatsu series in Crayon Shin-chan. Its first appearance was in episode 335 and the last one being in episode 348. After this, Mari was only shown in cameos, the last one being in episode 540 as a figure in Kazama's room along with other figures, including one of Moe-P.

The series' main song is I'll cast a spell (魔法をかけてあげる).

Toru Kazama is an obsessed fan of Mari-chan, but will not admit it because of shame as the series is aimed at a female audience.


Mari was sent to the human world because she failed an exam and according to her teacher it was the only way for her to not fail her year of high school. When she is sent to high school in the human world, her identity as a magical girl has to be kept secret. Whenever found out, she resorts to erasing the witnesses' memories about her, therefore having to be reintroduced as a new student at her high school.


Mari Shiwasu (師走 マリー)[]

The main character of the series, she is a 16 year old brown haired girl with the ability to transform into a magical girl, she mostly fights squid or octopus based enemies. In every episode, her friends find out about her identity and she has to start all over again.

Sheila Kannazuki (神無月 シーラ)[]

The main villain and also Mari's rival, she wears glasses and is reddish-brown haired. She's also a magical girl and sends enemies to fight Mari. She wears a sexy dress that Shinnosuke and Hiroshi like.

Sein (セイン)[]

Mari's younger brother, he was cursed by a spell from Sheila and transformed into a sea otter.

Naoki (ナオキ)[]

One of Mari's classmates, a brown-haired boy who seems to have interest in her. He doesn't mind that she's a magical girl, and thinks she should be treated as a normal girl like everybody else. He is also popular among girls.

Teacher Yamaoka (山岡先生)[]

Teacher in charge of Mari's class.