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Mother (right), Toru (central) and father (left)

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Mr. Kazama (風間くんのパパ) is Toru Kazama's father. His real name is unknown. He is a very good architect. Apparently richer than most of Shin-chan's friends' parents, he has traveled abroad several times, and is rarely at home because of it. He has a very easy going attitude and gets along fine with everyone including the Nohara family.

His first appearance was in episode 692a (思い出のパース旅行だゾ). In that chapter, the Noharas travel to Perth (Australia), where they meet the Kazamas. Toru and his mother had traveled to visit Mr. Kazama and there they were all at the hotel.

Later Kazama's father will travel to Japan in episode 730a, where the boys will help Kazama prepare the welcome for his father.

He is a very calm and cheerful man. Toru admires him greatly and his eyes are glazed every time he sees him. He speaks English perfectly, which impresses Toru and Shin-chan.

Voice Actors

Japanese: Junichi Kanemaru