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Mom (Also known as Mama) is an executive of Pig Hooves. She is a woman of large muscular build and physique, much like a professional wrestler.

She appeared in Crayon Shin-chan: Blitzkrieg! Pig's Hoof's Secret Mission.


Mom excels most at physical combat. Her power easily overwhelms Sexy and Muscle, the ladder of whom is even of equal size to her. Her endurance is high, and unlike her associates she does not use weapons at all apart from her own strength. In the status display displayed in the movie preview, all her traits were at MAX level.

She has a warlike, passionate, and violent personality. Her treatment of both her teammates and enemies is very violent.


When fighting Sexy, she commits a blunder that allows the escape of Shinnosuke and others at the mercy of the agile movement of Sexy. Although she struggled to beat Sexy, she was defeated after a fierce battle when Sexy got out two frying pans and knocked her out. At the end, she and all the other executives survived with the help of Shinnosuke.


  • Despite her code name, Mom has no experience with children or childbirth.