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Masuzo Kaneari (金有增藏) is the father of Tamiko Kaneari and the future president of Kasukabe. He is the main villain of the movie  Super-Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride. He is the president of Kaneari Electric, controlling all the city's electricity. Besides electricity, he also operates amusement parks.


Masuzo Kaneari

He captures future Shinnosuke, who defied him, and targets both Tamiko and five-year-old Shinnosuke. He is a ruthless and cruel character, driven by extreme materialism, who immediately discards subordinates who do not obey him or branches that are unprofitable. He shows almost no fatherly affection towards his daughter Tamiko, viewing her merely as another product of his company.

In the latter part of the story, he brings Tamiko back. Using the life of future Shinnosuke as leverage, he forces a wedding between Tamiko and future Kazama. However, his plan fails due to the intervention of five-year-old Shinnosuke and future Kazama's rebellion against Kaneari. Subsequently, he confronts Shinnosuke and his friends using the giant robot "Home Appliance Robot X" but ultimately suffers defeat. After the chaos, he is arrested by adult Himawari, who is an International Police officer.


Everybody against him


Tamiko fighting with him