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Magical Girl Moe-P

Magical Girl Moe-P (ま・ほー少女もえP Mahō Shōjo Moe Pī, Money Makes Us Happy in the Funimation dub) is a 'magical girl' parody. Toru Kazama has a secret obsession with the character.

The series enjoys a resounding success, to the degree that even adults like Yoshirín see the series. Like Action Mask, this series has several merchandising products, such as figures, dvd movies, cd soundtracks, costumes, stickers and even tarts and underpants.


  • Moe-P (もえP) is a magical 7 year old girl from a magic country, who helps her friend Hazuki in her daily problems. It is the most popular character of the series. The Funimation dub, naming her Yaz, gives her "the power of money" to solve these problems.
  • Hazuki (葉月) is an 8 year old girl from the Nerima region. She often asks for help from her friend Moepi whenever trouble strikes her.
  • Mother of Hazuki