Crayon Shin-chan Wiki

Laura Bailey (Born: May 28 1981, Biloxi, MS) is the voice actor of Shinchan in the English language Funimation dub. She is an American voice actor, which means she only voices in English. Her favorite roles are Shin Nohara and Tohru Honda. She got into voice acting at Funimation where she met Kent Williams, the one who got her through the business.

Height: 5'5

Spouse: Travis Willingham

She also does voices in other anime. Examples:

  • K-ON: Nodoka Manabe
  • Tohru Honda: Funimation
  • Dragon Ball: Trunks and Goten (among others)

She has also done voices for various video games:

  • Jaina Proudmoore: World of Warcraft (from Wrath of the Lich King onwards)
  • Nadine Ross: Uncharted Series
  • Abby: The Last of Us Part II

She is also a cast member of the Dungeons & Dragons live play show Critical Role playing:

  • Vex'ahlia (Campaign 1)
  • Jester Lavorre (Campaign 2)
  • Imogen Temult (Campaign 3)

In 2021 as part of the Critical Role spin off show "Narrative Telephone" (Round 2 Ep. 5: Questions & Quackery) she re-used the Shinchan voice to do her impression one of her fellow cast members (Liam O'Brien's) character Buddy the Ogre.