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Kumamoto City (熊本市 Kumamoto-shi) is a city in the island of Kyushu, in the southern part of Japan. It is the town of birth of Misae and the Koyama family. Misae's parents (Yoshiji and Hisae) live there together with their daughter Masae. The youngest of the sisters, Musae, used to live there before moving to the Nohara's household. Aunt Fusae also lives in Kumamoto.

The city has seldom appeared in the series, but Shinnosuke sometimes names it when referring to his grandparents and the 'Kyushu grandparents' or the 'Kumamoto grandparents'.

In episode 654 the Nohara family with Musae travels to Kumamoto to meet their relatives. It is the first and only time that Shin-chan has been to his mother's hometown. The purpose of the visit is to find a husband for Musae, which finally does not succeed.

During their visit, several of the most known places of the city are shown, such as the airport (熊本空港), the Kumamoto Castle (熊本城, a fortification from the end of the 15th century) or Densha Dori, the main commercial street.

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