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Kenta Musashino (武蔵野 剣太 Musashino Kenta) is Shin-chan's kendo 18-year-old master of the Kendo dojo. He first appeared in episode 466c "I'm a Kendo Master" (オラは剣の達人だゾ) to teach Shin-chan the ways of Kendo. He has a habit of always stepping into dog fences whenever he walks away. He first meets Shin-chan in the park and decides to give him kendo training. He has a small damaged dojo. Shin-chan also participates in a kendo competition due to Kenta's training. His surname and mannerism are spoofs of those of the legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto.

When Shin-chan won the Kendo Tournament, Kenta said goodbye to Shin-chan and left the series.

Voice actors[]

English: Travis Willingham

Japanese: Kenji Nojima