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Kawaguchi (川口), Mort(y) Giffel in the Vitello, Phuuz and Dutch dubs, works at Futaba Shoji and is 24 years old. Hiroshi is his senior, or senpai, so Kawaguchi always looks up to him almost to the point of him thinking that Hiroshi can do no wrong. They often go out drinking and to lunch, together. His surname is Kawaguchi, Saitama and the first name is unknown.

He's pretty shy with girls. He fell in love with Yumi Kusaka, Hiroshi and Misae tried to make them both go on a date, but it didn't work.

He also had a relationship with Ume Matsuzaka, but after a while, they both broke because Ume wanted to keep it as a secret in fear of getting mocked by Midori.

In one episode, Misae proposed an alliance between him and Musae to Hiroshi.

Voice actors[]

Japanese: Daiki Nakamura

Dutch: Jan Elbertse, Fred Meijer, Tony Neef