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Hieru-Jokoman: A.k.a "Stinkpoop", History buffs in the future of human identity when the black cloud that appeared in the anime version (according to the business card out of himself, the title is "man of culture (history) and trend creator, art director, members of the association four-dimensional world history"). Quite tall with a squinty eye and when the difference between black cloud, long limbs. Hyohyoto personality was pointless. While said in his "hate violence" and, it is to tease you like dogs and children, at the Battle of Shinnosuke are fighting with us and enjoy from beginning to end. Confrontation and Shinnosuke after taking over the Kasukabe of the Warring States period, attacked the circle snowstorm and the Nohara family alone the next one subordinate of three decimal Roh cat, waxes soul, silver tail, has boarded the castle later in the story. Although Shinnosuke fight with the "issue you a bloodbath" robot, losing to Shinnosuke was transformed into an adult with the power of time suit, Kasuga be recaptured the castle. However, after losing to Shinnosuke has fled to the modern world, was converted into a world bizarre hijack a modern and "President" Japan Now, the culture of the wind during the Edo period, Sengoku has spread to Japan. In the final battle is also a rematch and Shinnosuke boarded the robot of the castle black cloud, in front of the family love of the family field, the action beam gun Kantamurobo was fired at the end of the battle with the Nohara family boarded the Kantamurobo with the help of a ring died leaving the words "GAME ... OVER ..., TIMEUP · · ·" is shot down in that. One of the enemy cornered the home field of the enemy character in the movie version.

He appeared in Crayon Shin-chan: Unkokusai's Ambition.