Crayon Shin-chan takes place in Japan.

Relevant places in the series

  • Kasukabe: city in the Saitama Prefecture where the Nohara family lives.
  • Tokyo: the capital, the Noharas sometimes visit Tokyo.
  • Akita: located in the north of the country, the parents of Hiroshi, Ginnosuke and Tsuru Nohara, live here.
  • Kyushu: it is the third largest island in Japan, the parents of Misae, Hisae and Yoshiji Koyama, live here.
  • Osaka: Osaka is a large city in Japan, to which the Noharas have gone several times. Hiroshi has gone more often, since his work involved some trips to Osaka.
  • Hokkaido: island where the Noharas went on vacation once.
  • Kumamoto: city in the island of Kyushu, it is the town of birth of Misae and the Koyama family.
  • Ōmiya Station

Cultural curiosities

  • In Japan there traffic is left-handed, same as the UK, India or Australia. Therefore, the driver's seat in cars is on the left side of the vehicle.
  • Despite most Japanese don't have a defined religion, several traditions can be seen in the series, such as Christmas or Tanabata.
  • Japan's most popular sport is baseball. However, many sports have been depicted in the series besides from baseball, such as football, golf, tennis, volleyball, sumo fighting or boxing.
  • Reading manga is a hobby shared by people of all ages. Shinnosuke and Masao are the ones in the series that follow manga more enthusiastically, being their favourite one Fubukimaru by Usuto Yoshii.
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