Crayon Shin-chan Wiki

In 2003 and 2004 a total of 5 DVDs (and VHS versions) in the Dutch version were released by Bridge Entertainment containing around 4 episodes. In 2004 a final, fifth volume was released containing 10 episodes.

  • Shinchan: Op Vakantie (volume 1)
  • Shinchan: Problemen Op School (volume 2)
  • Shinchan: Verliefd (volume 3)
  • Shinchan: Op Stap Met Opa (volume 4)
  • Shinchan: Lekker Stout (volume 5)

One episode was re-released on a Fox Kids compilation DVD also featuring episodes from other Fox Kids series. Some segments were re-released on a free give-away DVD while two segments were exclusively released on a free give-away DVD.