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Hiraki Naotchau zo!

Cover of Hiraki Naotchau zo!

Hiraki Naotchau zo! (ひらきなおっちゃうぞ!) is a book published in March 1993 containing a collection of Yoshito Usui series previously published in several magazines. This book was probably issued trying to catch audience thanks to Crayon Shin-chan's success in its first years.

All the works in the book are 4-strips short jokes, a way of publishing manga that Usui used in most of his stories. A similar book was issued just a few months later with almost the same name, Usui Yoshito no Motto: Hiraki Naotchau zo!.


The book has 4 different works, published 1988-1991 in several magazines.

  • Hiraki Naotcahu zo! (ひらきなおっちゃうぞ!) published between 1989 and 1991 in Pocky-Kun Special Issue magazine (ポッキーくん増刊). The remaining strips, belonging to another magazine, were later published in the second collection of Usui works.  It depicts an absurd everytday of unspecific characters, such as an hospital teacher, a rich lady, a salaryman, an air hostess, a baseball player...
  • Upset High School Athletic Club (動乱高校運動部!!) published in 1988 and 1989 in Big Spirits Special (ビッグ スピリッツ増刊). Sports-themed jokes with a high erotic content.
  • Let's play sports!! (スポーツするか!!) published in Paro Ball News (パロやきゅうニュース) in 1990 and 1991. The remaining strips were later published. Series with jokes around sumo wrestlers, based on two of the most popular wrestlers at that time, Takanohana (貴乃花光司) and Wakanohana (花田虎上).
  • High People (牌[High]な人々) from december issue in Kindai Mahjong (近代麻雀才リジナル). Seven strips of mahjong-themed jokes.
  • Ogino Budokan (おぎの武道館), published in Pocky Kun Special Issue (ポッキーくん増刊) in the 22nd volume in 1989. Depicts the daily life of the director of a Japanese Martial Arts gymn, his wife and son