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School bus

Futaba Kindergarten (ふたば幼稚園 Futaba Yōchien) is a school, led by Bunta Takakura. Its location is in Kasukabe, Saitama. In the manga, it's called Action Kindergarten (アクション幼稚園 Akuchon Yōchien).

The school is divided into three classes: the Sunflower class, Rose class and Tulip class. The Sunflower class and Rose class are always in competition with each other in activities such as Baseball, Football etc.

The school bus is shaped like a cat, and picks up the students every morning. Bunta Takakura drives the bus of the Futaba Kindergarten every day (although in the first episodes of the series we can see another driver totally unknown in the bus). Shin-chan is almost always late. The Japanese regulations require that school buses carry bold colors to warn cars of their presence, hence their shape and colors of a cat.

Once a year they celebrate the "sports day", where classes compete in various physical tests.

In all secondary schools in Japan students remain in the same classroom all day and eat their lunches together in that same classroom with their teachers. This is also true in Crayon Shin-chan, where the teacher checks to see that everyone has the proper bentô ("box lunch") and the proper tools with which to eat before digging in.

In thirteen volumes of manga, Shin-chan's teachers have visited his home twice, not because he had specifically done anything wrong or because there was any sort of a problem (though there probably was, knowing him), but because it was that time of the school year, when teachers stop by to discuss their students' progress with the students' parents. This reinforces the closely-knit bond between the three parties and also helps to lend a homey atmosphere to school and a friendly air to one's instructors.



  • Playground (遊び場 Asobiba)
  • Poultry house (鶏舎 Keisha)
  • Children's pool (子供用プール Kodomo-yō pūru)
  • Teacher's room (教員室 Kyōin-shitsu)
  • Small auditorium (小講堂 Ko kōdō)
  • Home of Takakura (next to the nursery school)
  • Bus garage (next to Takakura's house)




The Futaba Kindergarten has it's own song which the children sing at the start of every schoolday.

Today's lovely morning has come
I promise not to be naughty at home
My enthusiasm shows daily
Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle
Futaba, Futaba... Kindergarten