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Big Bag

Dr. Big Bag is an old man, an authority of science. Is the developer of the "seat EMON Bli Bli" computer virus, look at the graffiti of Shinnosuke When I lived in Kasukabe, Misae has devised a program through the window and threw the "EMON seat Bli Bli". Himself had cooperated in the "hooves pig" from lusts then had been caught in the "pig hooves" with Ome assistant Angela, actually named to achieve his own research. Are considered to be the greatest invention of mankind what slippers, slippers go where they go. Shirifechi seems, the female body is not interested in otherwise. Also when you ask to clear the "EMON seat Bli Bli", get to have taken up the type of ass to sexy as a condition. The ending had been completed. And injects it into the cyber world to stop the Shinnosuke Rizaemon department was the first time we met Shinnosuke computer viruses in the second half after story, and was joined by Hongda, typing the program itself is to clear the seat EMON program of Bli Bli. After the incident, has become a dedicated scientist SML. The origin of the name Tobu Isesaki Big Bag station . Born in April 1, 1925, Chitose, Hokkaido. He is 73 years old. Incidentally, the combination of scientists and Shirifechi is a transvestite who is the original idea of ​​Usui.

He appeared in Crayon Shin-chan: Blitzkrieg! Pig's Hoof's Secret Mission.