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In the series, the department stores (デパート Depāto) are visited by Shin-chan and his mother Misae (especially by the latter). This is where they go frequently to buy stuff (they sometimes also go to specialized stores), and Misae is dedicated to buy everything that is on offer.

Action Department Store[]

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The most visited and well-known department store is the Action Department Store (アクションデパート Akushondepāto). It is a parody of the Seibu Department Stores.

Floor Contains
Rooftop Mini Amusement Park · Pet corner
10th floor According to the display of the elevator, it is up to this floor
7th floor Special bargain venue
6th floor Home electronics shop / men's clothing shop
4th floor Toy shop
3rd floor Women's clothing store / Lost Child Center
Underground Grocery store


  • Food section: This is where you buy everything related to food. Misae always buys cheap meat, except on special occasions (which are rare, like when she sees Nene's mother in an episode and buys good-quality meat to brag). There are usually food samples for people to sample (which Shin-chan and Misae often take advantage of).
  • Toy section: It is on the 4th floor. This is where toys can be bought. Misae usually chooses to avoid entering this section, since Shin chan always becomes fascinated with a new toy of Action Mask or Kuntam Robo.
  • Pet section: This store is located on the top floor. Nothing is known about this section, as it has only been named in an episode in which Ume Matsuzaka plans to go to the department stores Action to eat cap in the food section and sleep cap in the massage chairs.
  • Daycare: When the parents go shopping they can leave their children with a caretaker.
  • Lost Child Center: When Shin chan "loses his mother" (as he says), he goes to visit the two employees of the lost children section.
  • Roof: It is a playground with an ice cream parlor, located on the roof of the department store, where there are 4 strollers for children.


  • In an old episode Shin-chan passes by car a department store, which has a big "A" on the top of the building, but this is not the "A" that is shown in the other episodes. It is likely that this was the provisional logo, which was replaced in later episodes.
  • In an episode Misae dreams that two terrorists want to detonate the building of the department store Action. However, in the dream Misae herself appears and becomes a superheroine to defend the department store Action saying "I will not allow you to destroy the rebates and offers, the hope of the housewives!".

Other department stores[]

  • In the episode 149a (たくさん買い物するゾ Takusan kaimono suru zo) Shin-chan and Misae visit a department store (which is located in another neighborhood) that is not the usual Action department store. This is because they saw an offer on a giant banner while walking, and they decide to walk there. In these department stores they buy many things (as the title says), and they carry everything with their hands. One of the things they buy are Chocobi fruit biscuits.