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Crayon Shinchan - Volume 1 JP

Original Japanese cover

Crayon Shinchan: Volume 1 is the first comic book album of the Japanese franchise Crayon Shinchan. It is a re-publishing of stories that previously debuted in a weekly Japanese magazine. It is written by Yoshito Usui, while the cover design was made by Yoshiyuki Seki and Yukio Hoshino. The volume 1 bundling was first published on 11 May 1992 in the original Japanese version.

JAPANESE ISBN: 4-575-93292-2


  • Sunflower class (1 chapter)
  • Mom and I are best friends (32 chapters)
  • Kindergarten is paradise (4 chapters)



ComicsOne / DrMaster - 2002 / 2005[]

Crayon Shinchan - Volume 1 DrMaster


The first translated version was released in October 2002 by ComicsOne. It was re-printed for re-publishing on 4 April 2005 under the publisher DrMaster.

2002 ISBN: 9783898856096
2005 ISBN: 978-1-588-99194-2

CMX, DC Comics, Warner Bros - 2008[]

Crayon Shinchan - Volume 1 CMX


In the CMX version published in 2008 the text is translated and adapted by Sheldon Drzka. It is not 100 percent a direct translation, "an occasional cultural reference" has been localized.

2008 ISBN: 978-1-4012-1715-0

One Peace - 2012 / 2020[]

Crayon Shinchan - Volume 1 One Peace

The first One Peace omnibus containing volumes 1, 2 and 3 under the title 'Crayon Shinchan (volume) 1'

In 2012 volume 1 was re-published together with volumes 2 and 3 in an omnibus by One Peace. It is a reprint of the previous CMX version.

This re-print was re-published on 22 June 2020 as a digital ebook.

2012 Physical book ISBN: 978-1-935-54813-3
2020 Digital book ISBN: 9781944937409