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Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん Kureyon Shinchan), internationally known as Shinchan, is a Japanese manga (comic) and anime (animated television series) written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui. The series follows the adventures of a five-year old boy named Shinnosuke Nohara and his parents, his dog, his little sister and his friends. They live in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

The 29th movie will be shown in Japanese cinemas starting 30 July 2021. The 28th movie, as shown in Japanese cinemas in 2020, is available on DVD and BluRay since February 18th 2021. The song "Hashirigaki" by Macaroni Enpitsu is the theme song of the 29th movie and is now available on compact disc and as digital download. Please also check our home videos, music, cookies and toys sections.

In most countries the franchise Crayon Shinchan is targeted at all audiences while in some countries a modified version is targeted at mature audiences. Please keep the conversations and content within this wiki suitable for all ages. Storylines added in the 2006-2011 Funimation dub can be written on the page of the Funimation dub, please do not add these subjects on other pages.

"Wildly funny and irreverent, Shin Chan will tickle your
funny bone as it warms your heart." -- Newtype USA

Episode Spotlight
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Arsic Sader (アーシクセイダー) is a villain from the 18th special episode which was aired during the sixth season.

(Read more about the special...)

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Crayon Shin-chan in Germany explains the status of the anime in this country.

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