Crayon Shin-chan in Poland refers to the Polish adaption of the Crayon Shin-chan series in Poland.


The manga was not yet to be released there despite the popularity of the anime.


In Poland, Shin-chan was aired by Fox Kids (later Jetix) for the first time on April 13, 2003 at 11:40PM. Despite the late hour air time, the series gained a large audience. The Polish dub was produced by STUDIO EUROCOM and was a translation of the Vitello dub. 24 of the 52 Vitello dub episodes were dubbed in Polish and aired. In 2005, the show disappeared for half a year and came back but the number of episodes in one episode decreased from three to two and then one, for unknown reasons. In 2007, the show was completely taken off the air in Poland.

In 8 April 2019, the show came back on air in Poland, on Fox Comedy, but in a different version. This channel airs the LUK episodes from 2008, translated with a lector instead of dubbing. All character names remain the same as in the Japanese version, except Shiro, he is named "Śnieżek"(Can be translated to "Snowy") in this version.

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