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Crayon Shin-chan in Philippines refers to the Tagalog adaptation of the Crayon Shin-chan series in Philippines.


The manga was not released there.


In the Philippines, the show aired on IBC-13 and RPN-9 in the early 2000s formerly with a Tagalog dub. Shin-chan was voiced by Andrew E., a multi-platinum awarded, movie actor, rapper, very well known for his suggestive lyrics.

The series was rated PG in Philippines due to mature content.


Name changes[]

(Almost all the character names were changed into Filipino sounding ones, and it's not just a normal anime. Some characters (like Shiro) retained their Japanese names.

  • Misae Nohara - Carmen
  • Midori Ishizaka - Pilar Miyumi/Ryumi/Mayumi
  • Masao Sato - Boyet