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Crayon Shin-chan in Malaysia refers to the Malay and Mandarin adaption of the Crayon Shin-chan series in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, Crayon Shin-chan is titled "Dik Cerdas", which roughly means "brilliant kid" or "active kid".

It is unknown if Crayon Shin-chan manga and anime series will be released in Singapore.


Dik Cerdas - Comic Volume 1

The series debuted in Malaysia in the mid 1990s with the Chinese and Malay translation of the manga.

There were 50 volumes translated into the Malay language.

The publisher was Comics House which closed its doors in October 2016.


The anime airs in Malay on NTV7 every Saturday at 7PM (Monday at 7PM formerly) since 2002. There are four persons that have voiced the character Shinchan in the Malaysian dub of Crayon Shinchan in Malaysia. The first generation was voiced by Ammar Daniel Osman (2002-2003), second generation voiced by Arfalie Fikrie Razali (2003-2008), third generation voiced by Danish Osman (2008-2012) and the last generation voiced by Amirul Arif Bin Abdul Manaf (2013-2018) before the series taken over by GoShop. Like in South Korea pictures revealing Shin-chan's genitals were all censored by cutting the scenes. Mandarin versions that are also shown in Malaysia however are not as heavily censored. Episode 1-111 were released by PMP Entertainment on 30 VCDs with Mandarin and Malay audio which were both subtitled in English.

It gained moderate success.

Home media releases[]

PMP Entertainment officially released 30 Crayon Shin-chan VCDs in Malaysia, which contain episodes 1-111 with Malay and Chinese (Mandarin) audio, and English subtitles. They also released several of the movies on VCD and DVD with English subtitles. The same VCDs and DVDs were published by TS Films Pte Ltd. in Singapore.

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  • Faber Castell
  • MBO
  • Family Mart


  • Previously, Crayon Shin-chan was sponsored by several brands such as Faber Castell in 2002 on NTV7 and was no longer sponsored between 2010 and 2021.
  • FamilyMart has collaborated for promotion from 5 March 2021 until 20 April 2021.