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Crayon Shin-chan: The Legend Called Buri Buri 3 Minutes Charge (クレヨンしんちゃん 伝説を呼ぶブリブリ 3分ポッキリ大進撃 Kureyon Shinchan: Densetsu o Yobu Buriburi: Sanpun Bokkiri Daishingeki) is a 2005 anime film. It is the 13th film based on the popular comedy manga and anime series Crayon Shin-chan. The film was released to theatres on April 16, 2005 in Japan.

The film was produced by Shin-Ei Animation, the studio behind the TV anime. It was later released on DVD in Japan on November 25, 2005.

After a noodle-loving time traveler shows up, Shin-chan and his parents transform into superheroes, fighting monsters three minutes in the future!


One day, a strong beam suddenly came out from a hanging scroll of Nohara family. It got attracted by the aroma of instant noodles and taking on Shin-chan’s monster toy as its body, it told them that it is a space-time coordinator who came from the future to look for emissaries in helping defeat the monsters which would destroy the present world within 3 minutes. Nohara family does help solved the crises, but due to stronger and more powerful monsters are on their way, Nohara family members started to be in disadvantageous position. Subsequent to parents’ injury, Shin-chan has no choice but to fight the super monster bravely; while he’s about to be defeated, there come Shin-chan’s idols Action Mask, Kantam Robo, and even Buriburizaemon!

Time-and-space researcher Miraiman (Future Man) suddenly disrupts the peaceful world of the Nohara family. "Future Man" says he came through a time-warp through which monsters are about to attack the earth. He begs the Nohara family to enter the time-warp and beat the monsters, but they only have 3 minutes to carry out their task. Father, Hiroshi and Mother, Misae, transform into righteous Superheroes and set about combatting the monsters. At first they love their new life as battling Superheroes, but as the monsters get stronger and stronger their enthusiasm and energy wanes. In the end, only Shin-nosuke has the strength to fight the monsters to the bitter end. Shin-nosuke succeeds in beating the monsters, saving the earth, and keeping his family together.