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Crayon Shin-chan: Shrouded in Mystery! The Flowers of Tenkazu Academy (『映画クレヨンしんちゃん 謎メキ!花の天カス学園』予告 Kureyon Shinchan: Nazo Meki! Hana no Tenkasu Gakuen) is a 2021 Japanese anime film produced by Shin-Ei Animation. It is the 29th film of the popular comedy manga and anime series Crayon Shin-chan. The director is Wataru Takahashi.

After being shown in Japanese cinemas since 30 July, 2021, it was released on DVD and BluRay on February 4th, 2022.

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On 21 August 2021, the movie started showing in Singapore. On 21 October, 2022, it was released in Spain.

Plot outline[]

Shinchan and his friends spend a week at a special school. When they arrive there they find out the school has a strange mystery.


  • Yumiko Kobayashi as Shinchan
  • Tamao Hayashi as Nene
  • Mari Mashiba as Kazama
  • Teiyu Ichiryusai as Masao
  • Chie Sato as Bo
  • Ryou Hirohashi as Chishio Azuki
  • Ayumu Murase as Sasuga Mamesawa
  • Tarô Yamaguchi as the headmaster
  • Ayaka Saito as Nororo
  • Tetsu Inada as the ringleader
  • Yoshiko Kamei as homeroom teacher
  • Rei Sakuma as Otsumun
  • Miki Narahashi as Misae
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Hiroshi
  • Satomi Koorogi as Himawari
  • Sakiko Tamagawa as Mrs. Kazama

Plot summary[]

The five youthful members of the Kasukabe Defense Corps decided to enroll in a dormitory-based super-elite school Tenkasu for a week. The school's philosophy was to nurture excellent students who could become leaders in the world, and the AI ​​system developed independently made the abilities of academic ability, movement, art and behavior into elite points and managed them collectively. Shinnosuke and his friends are assigned to a childhood class. Kazama is motivated to hear that students with high elite points will be admitted to this school as scholarship students during the trial enrollment. Kazama's elite points, which he wants to become an elite, finally becomes 0, thinking that the school life spent with the Kasukabe Defense Corps, the students of Tenkas Gakuen, who are too addictive, is ideal.

After returning to the dormitory, Shinnosuke and Kazama get into a big quarrel, and in the midst of the quarrel, Shinnosuke's beloved Chocobi cookies are thrown out of the window. The friendship between the two is worsened even more. Kazama, who jumped out of the dormitory after sleeping, decided to become an elite and asked AI to speed his education up. Around that time, Shinnosuke and his friends notice that Kazama is not in the dormitory. At that time, the bell of the clock tower of the school, which should have been broken, rings. Shinnosuke, who noticed the incident, hurriedly headed for the clock tower, where Kazama was soaking wet holding a pencil and lying down with a tooth pattern on his butt.

The next day, when Kazama wakes up in the infirmary, he isn't the usual Kazama, but overnight, he turned into a transcendental idiot. At the school, there were many mysterious cases in which a student whose ass was bitten by a sucking demon became a fool and turned toddler minded who was absorbed in low-level play. So the Kasukabe Defense Corps establish the "Kasukabe Detective Club" to solve the problem. On-site verification, Kazama's dying message, various points become lines. What is the truth about this mysterious case? Can they solve it safely?

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  • The movie was originally planned for cinema release on 23 April, 2021, but it was postponed to 30 July, 2021 in cinemas due to the measures against the 'Corona: COVID-19' pandemic.
  • The trailers were re-published when the new date was announced, this means the viewing ratings of the old trailers are not available online. On 27 April, 2021, one of the original trailers was viewed by more than 1,6 million viewers.
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