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Crayon Shin-chan: Nagagutsu Dobon!! (クレヨンしんちゃん 長ぐつドボン!!) is a video game released in September 27, 1996 in Japan for Super Famicom. It was one of the few games that were produced to be used with the SuFami Turbo accessory, which allowed up to two cartridges to be inserted at the same time (although this game only used one).


Shin Chan meets Nene at the park, and wonders where his friends are. Then tries to find them through different worlds where he has to face clones on himself on a fight over a scenary full of water puddles. When a Shinnosuke jumps into a puddle, it splashes on adjacents positions. If a Shinnosuke is hit by the splash, the life bar is reduced until they are out.

Shin Chan has to beat them through 5 worlds (park, ice, desert, moon and castle) with 4 levels each world. After the last level, Shinnosuke finally confronts his clones to realise that they were in fact his friends disguised as him.

The game also had a multiplayer mode to play with several controllers on the same console.