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Carolina is the deuteragonist in Crayon Shin-chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack!. She is the sexy nursery teacher of the kindergarten which Shinnosuke attends in Mexico. She has a bright personality and a voluptuous body with ample breasts and a large, curvaceous butt. Shinnosuke became smitten with her due to her butt and her dance moves. She bravely fought against the killer cactus plants. At the end, she gives an affectionate kiss to Shinnosuke as the hero for saving the whole town from the killer cactus plants.


Carolina has light tan skin, green eyes, brown hair with a big curled right-side hairstyle and a small part of hair on the left, and pink lipstick. She wears her short-sleeved light cyan dress with small pale blue frills around the waist that hides her black sport tank top, and a pair of strapless red dress shoes. She also wears blue tight pants. The most of her body features voluptuous and slim with ample breasts and a large, curvaceous rear, which gets Shinnosuke excited seeing it shake. She reveals that she wears her black sport singlet underneath her dress.


Carolina is a caring, kind and compassionate teacher to the kindergarten including Shinnosuke. She possesses the courage to fight against the cacti (cactus plants) and helps the others to destroy their queen to save the people of Mexico. She also has a very naughty personality.