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As Crayon Shin-chan is a very popular anime and manga series, there are many one-time references (parodies) to the series in other manga and anime. Other characters have also made one-time cameos in the Crayon Shin-chan series as well.

Spring Anime Festival[]

Akazukin ChaCha[]

Shinnosuke is seen along with other kids.

Astro Boy[]

Astro Boy parody in SPECIAL 14a (超ヒーロー 鉄骨しんちゃんだゾ).


Shinnosuke appeared in Atashin'chi in various shorts because the anime was broadcasted on TV Asahi, where Crayon Shin-Chan is also broadcasted.

Bottom Biting Bugs[]

The Bottom Biting Bugs (おしりかじり虫) appear in the episode 616a (ハナカミ王子だゾ). Shin-chan points out that there's a report in a newspaper that they were releasing a new CD.

Denki-gai no Honya-san[]

Reference to the series' art style in episode 5.

Detective Conan[]

Detective Conan parody in SPECIAL 33a (トレジャーハンターみさえ 酢乙女家の一族) and SPECIAL 42-4 (ミッチーの元カレ?だゾ).


Doraemon parody in Crayon Shin-chan.

Dragon Ball[]

Shin-chan uses Frieza's mask and acts like Frieza in volume 1. In volume 10, Misae is calling for Shin-chan while he is watching a parody of Dragon Ball Z, Shinnosuke is disobedient and doesn't answer and Misae ends up attacking him with a Kame-hame-ha-like energy attack.

In SPECIAL 16a (SF殺人サイボーグだゾ) Kazama of the future travels back in time to inform the characters of the imminent arrival of a dangerous cyborg. This story is a parody of the one seen in the Dragon Ball Z series and in-depth special The History of Trunks, where Trunks of the future travels back in time to inform the characters of the imminent arrival of dangerous cyborg C-17 and C-18.

Ge Mei Lia[]

In a 4 Panel Comic the character Action Mask make a cameo appearance as a toy.


Kuntam Robo is a parody of Gundam.

Hello Kitty[]

The character appears in Crayon Shinchan episode 0996.


In SPECIAL 18c (パフィーも出るの? ひまわりのかぐや姫だゾ) Himawari become Thumbelina.

Lord of the Rings[]

The Lord of the Rings parody in SPECIAL 52c (ロード・オブ・ザ・イカリング 第一部 旅の仲間だゾ), SPECIAL 52d and SPECIAL 52e.

Lupin the Third (Lupin III)[]

Lupin the Third parody in episode 440a (ヌパン4世登場だゾ). In SPECIAL 38b two robbers enter the Nohara house, one of them is named "Lopin" and references Lupin the Third.

Kamen Rider[]

Action Mask is a parody of Kamen Rider.

Keroro Gunso[]

In episode 328 of Keroro Gunso from 7:16 on. Among others it references Shinnosuke's famous 'Buri Buri' (ass dance).


Lucky Star[]

Konata smiles like Shinnosuke and starts to act like him.


Pinocchio was parodied in episode 202a (世界迷作しんのキオだゾ) dubbed by Vitello in English as The Story of Shinocchio.

PlayStation 2 (PS2)][]

In a random episode of Shin-chan the PS2 was shown as "MS2".

Pokémon (Pocket Monsters)[]

In SPECIAL 24c (福引きで温泉に行きたいゾ) Shinnosuke fantasizes about shooting a parody of a Pikachu doll to get a girl's admiration. In the Hindi dub the doll was referred as "Mokepon".


In volume 28 chapter 2, Shinnosuke appeared on one of YouTube's video thumbnails.

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Super Milk Chan[]

The protagonist is 5 years old and also makes an obvious reference to Shinchan in episode 3 showing Milk-chan watching Shin-san ("Mr. Shin" is the translation) on TV, an adult version of Shinnosuke who wants to play with children even though he is a mature man.

Star Wars[]


Sailor Moon[]

  • Shin-chan's neighbor Yoshirin collects Sailor Moon dolls, among other merchandise from magical girl TV shows. His wife Micchi often referred to it as an embarrassing hobby.
  • When Yumi Soka, Shin-chan's father's secretary, gave a home-made sweater to Shin-chan's father, she parodied Sailor Moon's speech and final pose by saying "If you don't try it on, I will punish you on behalf on the moon!".
  • In episode 104 of the Sailor Moon anime, there was a doll based off Shinnosuke Nohara from Crayon Shin-chan. The owner of the doll himself was named Shinnosuke and had very similar characteristics to the character from that show. This episode also featured Crayon Shin-chan's voice actresses Akiko Yajima (Shinnosuke and Tamasaburou) and Miki Narahashi (Shinnosuke's mother and Chagama), who played Shinnosuke Nohara and his mother Misae Nohara, respectively, in that show.

Sailor Mufoon[]

In the Crayon Shin-chan series, the show Bishoujo Gundan Sailor Mufoon H probably aired on TV Asahi, since a Sailor Mufoon advertisement could be seen in one of the TV Asahi offices when Shin-chan and his mother were there in one episode. The main character of the show was also called "Sailor Mufoon." Sailor Mufoon characters wore tiaras and outfits resembling Minako Aino's first sailor fuku, and made speeches that sounded similar to Sailor Moon's. When Sailor Mufoon made her speech, dango on sticks could be seen in the background, as a reference to Sailor Moon's odango hairstyle.

  • In episode 109 of Crayon Shin-chan, Shin-chan and Misae went to a Sailor Mufoon doujinshi convention where all the female cosplayers were dressed as Sailor Mufoon characters. The only male cosplayer there wore an outfit similiar to Tuxedo Mask's.
  • In another episode, Aya Hisakawa, Emi Shinohara, and Kae Araki played "Sailor Iyaan," "Sailor Bakaan," and "Sailor Mufoon," respectively, a group of teenage cosplayers who appeared at a cultural festival.
  • Ryūko Okegawa, the leader of a gang of high school girls who often ran into Shin-chan, had a secret hobby of dressing up as Sailor Mufoon. In one episode she also wore panties with a design of rabbits and crescents, similar to Usagi's bedspread in the anime. She also wore a school uniform similar to Makoto Kino's, with an extra long skirt which was a symbol of delinquent or gangster school girls at the time the two series aired.
  • In a special episode of Crayon Shin-chan featuring Action Kamen, the title character and his friend Mimiko Sakura went to watch a movie called Sailor Mufoon SS.

Sailor Mimiko[]

  • Mimiko Sakura, one of the characters from Shin-chan's favorite live-action series, Action Kamen, gained the power to transform into a sailor-suited heroine called "Sailor Mimiko" in order to save the series' main hero, Action Kamen. Her transformation and attack item was the neckerchief of her sailor fuku, and she had love and boomerang-based powers. Later in the series, she gained a more elaborate and colorful sailor fuku, which included a Sailor V-like mask. She also wore an odango hairstyle in her civilian identity and as Sailor Mimiko.
  • Many Japanese voice actors from the Sailor Moon anime play roles or have played roles on Crayon Shin-chan over the years: Michie Tomizawa as Matsuzaka-sensei; Kotono Mitsuishi as Ageo-sensei; Aya Hisakawa, Emi Shinohara, and Kae Araki as Sailor Iyaan, Sailor Bakaan, and Sailor Mufoon, respectively; Kazuyuki Sogabe as James; Megumi Hayashibara as Chris Evert; and Megumi Ogata as Yoko.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson[]

In episode 46b (オラは名探偵だゾ) Kazama and Shinnosuke are respectively a parody of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Stingy Family[]

Due to the insane popularity of Crayon Shin-chan series in South Korea, in volume 4 Shinnosuke makes a cameo appearance on TV.


Tarzan parody in SPECIAL 14b (父ちゃんもがんばってるゾ).

Three Little Pigs[]

SPECIAL 20a (オラたち三匹の子豚だゾ 第一話) and 20b (オラたち三匹の子豚だゾ 最終話) parodies the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs.

Yo-kai Watch[]

In an episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series, Katie referenced Shinnosuke's famous Buri Buri butt dance.